Privacy Policy Fcash

Our policy on collecting information and sharing of customer information, and explaining the process.

1. What kind of information needs to be collected?

• Borrower information. When customer registration is required customer identity information (such as SSS), job information, the nearest person who can be contacted in emergency situations and others.

• Communication information. Call history, sms, contacts and more.

• Sensitive information. IMEI, GPS, ISP, IP, mobile id, customer's mobile number and others.

• Other information. Accident application usage, catalog of customer information needed to install apps and more.

2. How to use customer information?

• Borrower information. Customer will fill in some information that must be completed, the information is required information.

• Communication information. Based on the consent of the customer, the data reported to the server, the information will be used for anti-fraud services.

• Facility information. Based on the consent of the customer, the data reported to the server, the information will be used for anti-fraud services.

• Other information. Based on the permission of the customer, the data reported to the server, the information will be used for anti-fraud services, as well as the program or other problem detection.

3. How Fcash manages your personal information?

The above-mentioned information we collect about you will be stored electronically and we manage for the following purposes:

• To check that your submission is using your actual information, not someone else who uses your identity.

• To determine your eligibility to obtain a loan under applicable terms.

• To communicate with you about your account, as well as to make identification information when you call or visit our mobile app, and provide updates when changes are made to our services.

• To process the loan application and secure the transaction process safely to you if your loan is approved.

• To rate your loan application history and confirm your job data.

• For the process of eligibility analysis of your loan and to estimate the risk of lending.

• For the development of our mobile apps that always meet the needs of our clients in the future.

• To settle our obligations arising from contracts signed between you and us.

• To facilitate financial institutions such as banks, financial institutions or other third parties authorized to conduct checks are limited to your status in the database or on our services.

4. How Fcash protects Client Personal Information?

Fcash is committed to protecting your information with the latest technology. We will stick to the applicable provisions to ensure your information is secure and maintained, and restrict access to protect you from any kind of fraud. All types of payment transactions as well as inputting personal information on the registration page will be encrypted using 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) technology. When we provide a code that allows you to access our mobile apps, you are responsible for protecting your account's access code, including your user ID and password, so that others may not access your account.

For your information, transmitting information over the internet network is not yet completely safe. While we have done our best to protect your Personal Information data, we can not guarantee the security of your data transmitted through our application, the process of transmitting that information is your responsibility. When we have received your Personal Information data, we will use strict procedures and security features in an effort to prevent unauthenticated access.

Fcash uses computer protection such as firewalls and data encryption, and authorizes access to personal information only to our employees who need it to deliver their work. Our data is encrypted before, during and after submission, for protection purposes of your Personal Information data. Only authorized employees can access the data and they must pass through some form of identity verification before accessing any information.

Fcash is fully compliant and complies with applicable laws and regulations concerning Data Protection in Philippines.

5. How Fcash shares your Personal Information?

From time to time, Fcash reserves the right to collect the following information and data: Personal data relating to the owner, principal funder, partner, director, employee or proxy, employee, Borrower, payer, party paid, guarantor, other insurer, other parties related to the Borrower (collectively, all parties mentioned are "Related Parties"). Personal data may include name, identity, date of birth, contract details and other relevant personal information; and Information and data obtained from general activities related to Fcash. Such personal data may include signatures, answers to questions devoted to security verification, emergency contacts or other contact details. Personal Data from Related Parties may be processed, stored, transferred, or disclosed in accordance with applicable Law. Collective Agreement The Borrower will be deemed to approve (or obtain the approval of the Related Party) on the collection, use, and disclosure of the Related Party's Related data specified above by the Borrower continuously, use by Fcash services and / or approval of the terms and conditions stipulated. All parties, including the Fund, guarantor or institution providing services to Fcash, consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data by a person on an ongoing basis, use by Fcash services and / or approval of the terms and conditions stipulated. Purpose of Use and Disclosure of Information Information and data may be used and disclosed, including places within and outside the Philippines for the following purposes (collectively "Allowed Objectives"): To manage the accuracy of "Know Your Borrower" information; and To verify the identity or representatives who contacted Fcash, or may be contacted by Fcash, and to execute or respond to requests, questions or instructions from verified representatives or other individuals following current security procedures. Personal data may be disclosed, when permitted by applicable Law, to persons or entities (inside or outside of Philippines) below (please note that this is not an exhaustive list) for Allowed Objectives or for processes that are consistent with the Goals that are permitted in the needs : Any Agent, Contractor, or third party service providers providing banking services, remittances, administration, correspondence, telecommunications, telephone centers, business processes, travel, visas, knowledge management, human resources, data processing, information technology, computers, payments, debt collection, check credit references, or other security or services to Fcash in relation to the business operations of Fcash; Individuals or entities that are part of Fcash and under a confidentiality obligation in the disclosure of the Fcash entity even if only at the stage required to fulfill the related Licensing Purposes; Individuals or entities in which Fcash has a duty or are obliged to implementation of legal proceedings, or legal obligations at home and abroad, including disclosure to the courts, trial and / or legal, regulatory, tax and government authorities; Any party or candidate transfer from Fcash or transfer from Fcash in the Borrower's relationship, or all or part of Fcash's assets or business; or parties that provide or submit to provide a guarantee or guarantee of a third party to guarantee or maintain the Borrower's obligations.

6. Permission to Contact

When you give us your home and/or mobile phone number, we have your permission to contact you (or the contact number you authorized), and any other number we believe we may reach you through (unless prohibited by applicable law), about your Fast Cash accounts. Your consent allows us to use text messaging, artificial or prerecorded voice messages and automatic dialing technology, for all purposes not prohibited by applicable law. Message and data rates may apply. You may contact us anytime to change these preferences. We may also send an email to any address where we reasonably believe we can contact you(include the reference you authorized). Some of the purposes for calls and messages include: suspected fraud or identity theft; obtaining information; transactions on or servicing of your account; and collecting on your account or collecting delinquent account . Our rights under this Section extend to our affiliates, subsidiaries, parents, agents, vendors, and anyone so affiliated with the owner of any note evidencing a loan you obtain. Notify us immediately of any changes to your contact information by changing your contact information on your Fast Cash account information – settings page.

7. Age

To be able to use our services, you must be 18-55 years old. If you are not qualified, then you are not allowed or allowed to use our services.

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We will notify you via email regarding any kind of change with respect to the Privacy Policy by providing a link to review the new Privacy Policy.

9. Merger

To avoid any kind of prejudice and suspicion, this Privacy Policy must be equated with the usage requirements found in our mobile app. If you agree to use our loan service, this Privacy Policy must be consolidated and an integral part of the Loan Agreement of Fcash.